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Play On Runescapers!

What could be better than sitting here, playing Runescape from the instant you get up in the morning, till you...

..Ahh, well, like me... Until I want no more, and I decide to go to bed - whether it's 10PM, 12PM or even 2:13 AM...

Well... I've been doing that for a while now. I  promise you...

That really has made wonders to my RuneScape Character! Not to mention my bank account!

Do you think you could learn a trick or two from me? My inventory? Well, I didn't care to count it yet, but, I guarantee you...

There is MORE than a couple 20 to 40 million in gold coins in there - both in hard cash - as well as stuff, stuff and more stuff - even some stuff you wouldn't even know existed...

And until a few months back, I didn't know either. I assure you - I've done every mistake there is - by the book so to speak.

Would you like to make these mistakes - wasting all that time you too? Or would you like to learn some tricks from a seasoned veteran like myself?

Just the other day, I bought this thingy for no less than 2,500,000 gp (Yes, thats Two Point Five Million)! Bcause, you see, that thing is no longer available in the ordinary style in the game) Today it is worth about 5 million gp. Trading in disconttinued items will be profitable. Just make sure you have got the cash before you merchant your way through forums and Falador Park on world 2.

P.S: You think going to the wilderness is a threat anymore? Nahhh! Why should it? When you're loaded with cash, and the tricks that I now posess. And should I die, I will reposess every single bit of it - and more in a New York Gamerz Minute;) Then I'll head on and make some more...

Could you enjoy doing that too? You Betcha! And, if you're lucky, you will! Becase you see... Online Gaming and even Runescape - ing - should be killer fun!

Stay tuned for more online game and Runescaper updates...

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